Mercy Montessori Children Center Is Eight Years Old Now.

July 22, 2019

Mercy Montessori Children Center(MMCC) is 8 years now since it was opened. Despite being this old the organization is still facing some challenges.  The main challenge is the lack of funds which is making the organization to have some problems in achieving its goals, vision and objectives. Some of the objectives is the provision of education to young and needy children.

The other challenge is that the organization as of now is still renting buildings in order to accommodate children as hostels and classes. This is making us to have problems in giving children good food and good clothes and education as the money we source is always divided in paying the rentals which is most of the times in large quantity, paying the care givers, buying food and paying utilities and meeting the hospital bills whenever kids fall sick.

The organisation’s main vision is that of collecting kids from streets and orphans, in order for them to get quality education and best home. And the main goal of this organization is to build a better home for these children so that we should take care of them and grow up there as their home. Therefore to fulfill this goal Mercy Montessori Children Center(MMCC) has managed to buy a land for the construction of the CHILDREN’S HOME.

Since Mercy Montessori Children Center(MMCC)  has managed to buy land for construction of Children’s Home, now we are looking for funding from well wishers to help us in coming up with USD 6,757.00 (MWK 50,000,000.00) as this amount is what is needed for us to build our own Children’s Home. We are also looking for volunteers who can help in building the Home for the children as currently the organization has no any funds that can manage to hire for the builders.


  • The building is 52m in length and 19m width which will accommodate 50 children.
  • The building will have 3 class rooms, 1 kitchen, office and store room toilets, bathrooms and also a clinic in case someone falls ill. In terms of security the director will also stay in the campus in order to look for the children. The director’s house will have 3 bed-roomed self contained house.
  • There will be a first aid room and also 2 self corner rooms for volunteers.
  • And will have boys and girls hostels but these hostels will be separated as we know that there are different scandals that can happen when girls share the same hostel together with boys. Therefore, will have separate hostels in order for them to have respect for each other especially when they reach puberty stage.
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