Poverty Fueling Lack of Quality Education in Malawi

March 28, 2019

Chimwemwe a young boy aged 9 living in chikwawa district is rely affected due to poverty. Chimwemwe is a young boy living in a family of six children, he is in standard 4 but due to poverty he is failing to attend classes because of shortage of food, clothes and many more.

His parents can not afford to send him to school because there are alot of children to look after, his parents mostly rely on agriculture agriculture inorder them to feed for there family, chimwemwes father died while he was in standard 3 and this affected them alot because he was the only one who can look for the family.

As education is a key to success Mercy Montessori children center is one of a non governmental organization which there main aim is to help some kind of children who are affected with different problems helped Chimwemwe with clothes, shoes inorder for him to go to school as everything in the world is depending in education.

There are a lot of challenges which people living in rural villages have, some of them is that of lack of food ,shelter so this challenges is likely to read to malnutrition as a result it can lead into low development to the country because the money which can be used to develop the country it can be used in hospital institutions to reduce cases of deaths so there needs to be well wishers who can afford to help this people living in rural areas inorder to have a sustainable development

Great Thanks To Nadia SordemanMercy Montessori Children Center Is Eight Years Old Now.