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    Whether is cash or material support, it can mean a lot to us.
  • Mercy Children Center (MCC) was introduced on 2nd May 2011. It is a non-governmental organization and it does not make profits.

    MCC was legally registered under the Trustees Incorporation Act 1962 of laws of Malawi.

    The organization is working with Social Welfare Office in Child Welfare Services

  • What We Do

    What we care about
  • Education Program

    We believe in changing the mindset of children through education in order to make them good and responsible citizens.

    School Feeding program

    One of the projects that are conducted at the center are food programs that provides food to various vulnerable children.

    Sponsorship Program

    Some students are forced to drop out of school due to our lack of funds to support the students in their entire scholarship programs.

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    With education and experience in early childhood care