Mercy Children Home

December 15, 2023

Mercy Children Center operates on three categories which are Young Mother back to school, Mercy Children Centre 1and 2 and  Mercy Children Home. The orphanage institution was initiated in the year of 2011 at the heart of Ndirande Township in the city of Blantyre Malawi.

For the past 12-years the charitable organization has been producing number of students to different private and public secondary schools across the country.

We are very proud of the achievements we have had at the institution.

Besides Mercy Children Centers 1 and 2. The institution also has a Children’s home Which is called Mercy Children Home, according to the founder and director, Simon Nkhanbala said Mercy Children Home was established in 2020 after seeing that some of the children who were coming had no homes and this made the director thinking of establishing the facility so that to accommodate these homeless children.

So far Mercy Children Home which is situated in Kameza, Blantyre which is just few kilometers from Ndirande Township where Mercy Children Center is located, has a total number of 14 Children with the ages from 6 months to 18 years.

Mr Nkhanbala said just like any other non-profit organization the institution is facing financial challenges considering that all day-to-day operations in all these institutions relies on the personal pocket.

” Mercy Children Home was founded in 2020 after seeing that most children that were coming to learn at our center were homeless, that’s why we come up with the idea of this facility we are calling it Mercy Children Home so that we can provide home for these children.

“The challenges are always there just like any other organizations, you know am the only one who make sure that everything at the organization is working, food, clothes school fees for the secondary students including the rentals of these institutions they all depend on me” explained Nkhanbala.

Nkhambala added that as the year 2023 is going to an end, as an organization, they are geared to accommodate more less privileged children in all its centers namely Mercy Children Home, Mercy Children Center 1 and 2, starting from Kindergarten, nursery, primary and secondary schools, saying these children also need to have access to education just like any other child.

Young Mothers Back to School Program 2022-2023 Academic Year.