We Need Your Help

May 21, 2018

Two weeks ago someone came to our Center to tell us a good news for the Children that she is selling a plot after seeing that our place is not suitable for  Children Center. On the plot there are three houses each house can feat 70 Children. And also at the plot there is nice children ground water, electricity (power) and 2 toilets and fruit trees

From our center to the plot is 100 miters. I believe this will be a better plot since the money which is used for rent will be used to feed the Children. I believe children will be more excited to have this plot, If God allows we will have a primary school within the plot because it’s a big one.

So we need you to help us if possible to raise money to buy this plot and help us to let the well-wishers know about this issue so that we can buy the plot for as the Orphanage. The price is EUR 9,473.00 (12,437)

You can donate any amount. Visit http://mercychildren.org/get-involved/ for bank details.

We promise to respect and thank anyone who can contribute. Anyone who can help us with the all amount of money will be appreciated by renaming the plot by his name.


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