The disowned 3 year old baby

May 28, 2018

Prisca’s parents were separated some months ago. The family had 3 children, two boys and one girl called Prisca who is 3years old.

During divorce Prisca’s father took only two boys. Leaving  Prisca with her mother. Due to the lack of support, the mother found a job as a full time house maid whom was given a room at her boss’s residence. Prisca being a 3 year old baby disturb her mother at the work. This made Prisca’s mother to think of abandoning her.

One day she decided to leave Prisca with her neighbor by saying “keep my child I’m coming soon” while she knew that she wouldn’t come back. Since that day Prisca has no one to care about her as the neighbors now got rid of her. As a very little baby Prisca is having a hard life.

Let Us Save The FutureGreat Thanks To Nadia Sordeman