Tadala Needs a New Bike

November 14, 2022
Tadala is a17 years old girl, she was once married and she has child, the man who gave her child ran away from her.
When we approach her to go back to school, she agreed and she is doing very well in school.
She lives in a village where there is no secondary school therefore she rides a bicycle for 90 minutes to get to school.
Now her bike is old and keeps on breaking down, which makes her to miss classes.
To help her to pursue with her studies we are looking for a well-wisher to buy her a new bike or if you have a bike you can bless her, amount for new bike can cost $150.
You can contact us at +265 9999 58021, your help will go to the right person and you will receive a report.
Your help will change the life of a young mother.
Steward Needs Urgent Help.Supporting Young Mothers to Pursue with Education.