Short Report

February 13, 2023

Mercy Children Centre was opened on 2nd May 2011. We have been started with 4 Children but at the end of 9 months, the number of children has been increased to 39 children.

In 2017 I had a dream to construct a Mercy Children Centre home, I managed to buy the land but unfortunately, I failed to build a Mercy Children Centre home due to financial issues.

In 2019 I had another plan to build Mercy Children Centre, I bought another piece of land and to built it. I want to appreciate my friends from different countries such as the USA🇺🇸, Australia🇦🇺, Malawi🇲🇼, Canada🇨🇦 and some other countries for your effort. Heavenly Father blessed you all.

As of now 2023 some other children will be writing the final examination at the secondary level.

My dreams are not yet dead of constructing a Mercy Children Centre home on land I bought in 2017 and the landscape was already done.

Mercy Children Centre have another project called YOUNG MOTHER BACK TO SCHOOL. We have sponsored them with school fees and care for their kids at MERCY CHILDREN CENTRE, most of them are needy YOUNG MOTHER. We are happy because some YOUNG MOTHER will be finished their secondary level this year. After writing their examination of these YOUNG mothers we plan to train them some several skills at the Centre which will build.

We’re looking for a well-wisher to help us with this project. For more information or questions on this please feel free to contact us!

Maybe you have questions, about where Mercy Children Centre get funds for feeding children and paying some building rent, We have a Pvt school where children are paying monthly 3$ per month, and this money helps us to make gifts for the caregiver and buy some items needed. According to a number of children, our income is very little, this pressurized our budget every month.
Get some information and videos of MERCY CHILDREN CENTRE by following the link:, if have questions contact WhatsApp+265 999 95 80 21 or email:

Supporting Young Mothers to Pursue with Education.Story of Isaac : School Fees Beneficiary.