May 22, 2021

Mercy Children is a Center established to support desperate children with Education such as to pay school fees and school materials, bags ,shoes, school uniform and others items. This year of 2021 We planned to send 10 students.(where) . We have 2 special need students who are expected be sent to school of Deaf. We thank our well wishers to someone has volunteered himself to help, we are remaining with one. We have 6 secondary students two of them got support nd two are remaining because of school fees In Primary school we have 2 students, we sent one student. Remaining one. These children are passing through hard life, other day slept without eat. We offer education,because it’s their bright future. We planned to reach needy children because financial problems. When you sponsor a child will give full information of the student including receipts and you will have opportunity to talk with them direct if you want.

Getting Children from there homeChildren’s Home Appeal