Children Center Project.
Children Center Project started 4 months ago with Landscape.After landscape, I started construction of foundation. Now foundation is done.
According Covid-19 pandemic situation, the is project going slowly because of financial crisis.
This project I divided the project into 5 levels .
First level is Landscape
Second level is foundation
Third level wall
Fourth level is roofing and plaster.
Lastly level is doors and windows.
This project Will help 150 children ,Children will eat and learn. This children have no opportunity go Pvt schools(paying schools)
For 9 years we  have been paying rent for the buildings where children are learning  because I don’t have permanent (my own premises)
 Sometimes  I don’t manage   to feed them when It comes to the issue of rent because the  money which are that are supposed to deed them are used to pay rents.
I believe will help children in community.
Size of the building:
10 meters by 12 meter,
Sub room: 4 meters by 6meters.
Second level:
Cement bricks 700 x220 =Mk154,000
Cement 7500X 18 =135,000
Labour charge Mk 100,000
Sub total Mk 1,775,000 (USD 2,366)
Thirdly level : Roofing
iron sheets 56 x 4500= Mk 252,000
Nails 8kg X 1500=Mk12,000
Wire 5×1000= Mk 5000
Woods 2by6  38×8500=323,000
 Charge Labour Mk 50,000
Sub total Mk 915,000 (USD 1,220)
Last level Doors and windows
Doors 3x 120,000 =Mk360,000
Windows 6X 35,000=Mk105,00
floor ground 10 bags of cement  x 7500=MK75,000($100)
Plaster 20 bags of cement x 7500=MK 150,000($200)
Labour charge MK 120,000($160)
Sub total  =MK810,000 ( $ 1,080)
Total Mk 3,500,000 ($ 4,667)
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