August 26, 2021

Mercy children center its nonprofit organizations deals with children who are under five.

We also reach out and help children who were from our schools and went to other schools, starting from primary to secondary schools we reach out to them.these children are orphans and helpless,they can not provide the necessary needs to themselves in any way for example food.mercy children center also reach out to the nearby schools in the same area.

In 2021 mercy Children center have been working together with wash well hands organizations ,aim at preventing diahorrea to under five children.under five children meets with alot of challenges for example diahorrea at the early stages, diahorrea can lead children to lose their life or to fail attend classes monthly or the whole year.

Wash well hands came in and we are working together to reach out 22 schools in the same area where mercy Children center is these schools we mostly encourage hygiene at all times,we teaches caregiver 52 in the area and also 1200 children .

In every schools wash well hands organizations have donated tap buckets which children can use to wash hand before attending classes, after visiting the toilet and also after classes ,at all times children hands should be washed.

Wash well hands also donated soap to the schools to used for six months .there aim is children should be prevented from diahorrea so that they can attend classes each time and to reduce the number of children who can lose their lives due to diahorrea monthly even the whole year . these have helped the schools of this area to be hygienic at all times and the attendance of Children in these schools are high.

Mercy Children center is welcoming every organisation , groups and individuals who want to help and those are willing to reach out and support the children in any way they can to provide the necessary needs to the children to boost up there ducation and good healthy of a child.

Mercy Children center its aim at providing a heart desire to the children when they are still young about their future. we provide food and education to the children. we does not only provide food and education to children but also we look up how children are dressed, where they sleeps in their home including beddings .all of these things we usually beg from different people to help the children and reach out to their needs and support the Children in any way you can so that the lives of a children can change for better . you are welcome to join us in this organizations ,we do not earn anything by doing this .may the Lord God almighty bless all of you .

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