There is a hope that first week of September, schools shall re-open.
We have 2 kindergartens,the first one is PATHWAY SCHOOL.This is an income regenerating to the other school which have desperate children.

The other one is Mercy Montessori Children Center.This is the school that have desperate children that need more support.

When things are moving smoothly,PATHWAY SCHOOL support these children from Mercy Montessori Children Center.But as am talking both schools were closed due to the Covid -19 pandemic for six months from march up to date.As a result, we have managed to pay rentals for for 3 months for both schools.

There is a fear that the owners will not allow us to use their buildings. Amount of/ MK350,000( 466 USD, 457 Euros)will be needed before schools re-open.

Any amount will help us to sustain the program

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