Lilian : A Passionate Teacher.

May 17, 2023

Teaching is one of the careers that one need to have passion and calling for it.

As Lilian explains. She is one the teachers at Mercy Children Centre a charity organization that provides education to children who come from less privileged families in and outside Ndirande townships.

Lilian Mvula teaches standard One and two. She says as a teacher, she always prepares well each and everytime before the class, she makes sure that she has written all the lesson plans of what she is going to teach her students. She says she always feels good in interacting with her students to make them feel home.

“I always prepare my lesson well, you know every child need a special treatment, for instance others understand quickly while others take time, so I make sure that am accommodating all them”

“Whenever I notice that there are some students who are finding it difficult to understand, I always find the way forward on how I can help them so that they catch up with others

Lalian believes that for a good teacher, he/she need to be children friendly and open” you know handling learners of lower classes like standard one, two and three its not a simple task, it requires one to be children friendly. Am saying this because these learners have different levels of understanding, so some requires special treatment and attention” she added

But Lilian says, she always feels good in interacting with her students and make a conducive environment for them.

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