September 30, 2021

n our area I found this young and beautiful girl .Her name is Glory tuwaya,she is two years old.
Glory is raised up with a single mother. Her mother got pregnant when she was still at school ,this leads her to drop out of school .
The one impregnated her denied the pregnancy (the father of this child).she decided to keep the pregnancy untill she conceived to this young and beautiful girl.
During her pregnancy period,she received a lot of insult from people surrounding her .people could talk bad words to her why is she keeping the pregnancy while the owner this point of time she was staying with her mother.
Though she received a lot of challenges , Insult and bad words from people surrounding her .she never turn back but she kept the pregnancy untill she conceived to this young and beautiful girl and named her Glory Tuwaya.
After she conceived still people could not stop insulting her , pointing fingers towards her. No one could send her back to school again, no one could give her capital to start a business so that she can provide to this child food even clothes .
Because of so many challenges in life . Glory mother started to look for piece of work in town .she found one in town and she decided to move out from her parents home to stay alone in our area , because the insult was too much for her . though she found apiece of work , what she get is not enough to feed her child and clothe. She only managed to pay rent for the sheiter. The challenged she have now is how to feed and clothe this child as she received little amount .any one is welcome to reach
out to this child so that she can live a happily life like other children.