Getting Children from there home

May 22, 2021

We don’t take it for granted, for the beautiful building that we have for our children. Thanks again for your contribution to building Children Center, I’m not allowed to mention their names but God in Heaven blesses them all. the building can occupy 250 kids, but as of now we still have less number.
Mercy Children Center is a daycare, we care for needy children like orphans and vulnerable children for the guardians or parents who are very poor.
We care for children of 6 months to 6years at this Center. After they finish kindergarten we send them to government schools.
MCC takes responsibility to share materials with other needy schools.
Our community is one of the areas where the poorest people are living. Most people don’t manage to send their children to kindergarten. Mercy Children Center takes responsibility to help these children.
But the challenge that we have counted is, we are failing to reach other needy children because of distance, where the building is. Guardians are walking 45 minutes to bring their kids to the Center. Most of the time children fail to come to CENTER for the whole week because of distance.
We have suggested having a mini-Van to bring them daily to CENTER. Now we have enough space for the Children.
On top there are pictures for the Van just an example, you can choose any Van to support our community children.
As of now, we have raised USD 667 for the Van. We haven’t real price for the van because is secondhand. Vehicle maybe can cost USD 4,665 including shipping except for include duty tax and insurance.
We do not need money you can pay to the company which is selling vehicles, can visit this company pay please let us know to write an email to or whatsapp+265 9999 58021.
Any amount will help to reach our goal,you donate to us
Maybe you have a van you can support it will help also.