Children's Home Appeal

June 17, 2021

Hi everyone, this is a brief background, Mercy children’s center. It has been a long time working with children, and I’m still working with them , I have worked with children for 17 years. In 2011, I established a Children’s Center called Mercy Children’s center. Since 2011 up to now I have been working without a donor but only well-wishers.

Behalf of Children I want to thank all sponsor who made changes on the life of the Children to built Children Center on 2020, now we’re renting one and other is ours.

I started with 4 children in 2011. As I am writing, now I have 262 Children in two Centers.

These two Centers are day care children’s are leaving with guardians. Other children found at the center are Street kids. Most of them failed to attend the classes because are staying in the street.🙄

In 2018, I bought another Land for a Children’s Home. I managed to do landscape. It’s my desire to built Children Home 🏡 to save lives of children who have no opportunity for education.

Own my own I can’t manage to built Children Home and School in one building. Join me to sporting the project. I need sport for financial, volunteer, who will help to built out children’s Children.

If you are interested to partner with us, you are welcome

Please I’m free to answer all questions, we can talk on Zoom, WhatsApp +265 9999 58021 or write email to : info[at]

Below is the estimates budget for the Childrens Center.

Download Childrens Home- Approximate Quantities