Back to School !!

September 12, 2017

Back to school time can always be a hard time at MMCC with the cost of school supplies and school fees for all of our children. This time we are faced with further barriers as we have 10 children who are ready to leave nursery for Primary school!
We are looking for sponsors for these 10 children to help start off their life at primary school and we have 2 Students continuing their secondary school that need support as well.

To Support a primary school child’s needs for 1 term costs MWK10,000 ( $14 ) or the whole year costs MWK 30,000 ($42) and for a secondary student 1 term costs MWK 20,000 ($27) and MWK 60,000 ($81) for the whole year.

Sponsors will receive an information pack on the child that they have supported by email.
Please send us a message or email if you are interested in sponsoring a child or Visit our website at
Or Call us directly at +265999958021.