A Call For Help.

May 10, 2023
 Mercy Children Centre is a charity organization which provides care for orphans, vulnerable children and children from less privileged families. The facility provides education programs such as Mmera mpoyamba, nursery, reception and primary education.We have children from six months to ten years old.
The organization is located in the township of Ndirande in Blantyre, it has produced over three thousand children who are now in different primary and secondary schools within and outside Blantyre since its inception in 2011.
The house you see in the picture is where our  children learn.
Each and every year during rainy season our classes are always suspended because our building is not in good term and the recent freddy has really affected us. As shown in the picture our building which we use for classes it can  collapse anytime which a big risk to our children lives.
Despite financial challenges that we are facing as an organization we are striving in taking care of the children at the centre, considering that this is where they call it home.
It is with this reason that we are calling upon well-wishers  to help us with whatever the little they have so that can build a resilient house for our children. So that they should  pursue their education  in a  safe environment.
The help can be in form of money or any construction materials such as bags of cement, iron sheets, bricks, sand, quarry among others.
We will be highly grateful  with your  help and support.
Help Over Cyclone Freddy.Lilian : A Passionate Teacher.