2020 Bye Bye

January 09, 2021
2020 Bye Bye 👋welcome 2021
2020 it is a good year than other years . We have managed to built a building for the Children’s. Behalf of Children, i want to appreciate to sponsor for made wonderful work of helping us.
This year i have received funds for building and the building was done 99.5% , this coming Monday 4th January childrens will start using it.
And some other sponsors was supported us with animals now 80 families are benefiting from this animal projects.
others supported us with food’s for children’s, school materials and health facilities used for Covid 19 prevention .
Next year am planning to reach my goals:
: reach needly children
: widows helping with Animals
: built Children Home
Now am looking forward to built CHILDREN’S HOME , land was already bought 3 years ago and landscape already done. This CHILDREN’S HOME will take over 40 children.
We have faced some challenges in this year of 2020 such as closed of school due to Covid 19 disease.
I hope 2021 you will be with us in prayer and support may God blessed you all.
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